Our Story


My love of hats comes from my maternal grandmother whose style and panache made friends of strangers before the first word was spoken. I remember her coming off the plane to visit us filled with life stories of each person she met along the way. Traveling and curiosity about people is in my blood. I enjoy exploring new towns, meeting and talking with my customers. Making connections and new friends wherever I go.

I come from a long line of strong Danish women who were skilled in hand-working techniques from lace makers to quilters, crocheters and knitters. A Fibers degree taught me to take it a step further and consider shape, line and composition as well as the ethnic and period inspirations of each piece. I am interested in the juxtaposition of high tech fabrics with old world hand working techniques. My heritage along with my many travels to Scandinavia encourages an economy of line and practicality using quality materials with a dash of elegance.

Strong Wear began as a children’s hat line called Strong Kids, more than 3 decades ago. I learned from kids that hats needed to be comfortable, practical and make you feel great. This is a universal truth that I keep close to me as I stretch myself creatively in my adult line. I enjoy exploring different hand working techniques without sacrificing the practicality of the hats. I use the best, most durable fabrics along with satin ribbon and vintage buttons to make truly great hats. Each hat or coat seems to become the wearer’s signature piece. Enjoy your new hat or coat and thank you for your support.