We use the best hi-tech polar fleece available. Both the fabric and ribbon used are polyester so they are easy to care for and durable. It has the softest hand, wash after wash, pill free and has an incredible stretch making for a comfortable easy fit. 

Wash & Dry 

All our products are machine washable. Wash cold and tumble low and they come out great. You can fluff it in the dryer and let it air-dry the rest of the way. For the hats with vintage buttons or intricate ribbon work, I recommend turning the hat inside out and putting it in a delicates bag, if you have one, so that it doesn’t get tossed about or snagged in the dryer. Oh, and don’t wash or dry it with a fuzzy towel or blanket, bad idea.

Rain Hats

The polar fleece has hydrophobic properties, keeping you warm even when it’s wet. For hats, it keeps you warm and dry even in a downpour. For mittens, it pulls the moisture away from your hands with that direct skin contact that keeps you warm instantly. In scarves you have that skin contact around your neck keeping the chill off as well as warming the air as you breath into it. It also wicks the water away from your skin keeping you warm even when it’s wet. Good for those cold, damp, chilly days.

Daily Care

When you pack your hat in your purse, turn it inside out. It protects the ribbon from getting snagged and keeps the purse lint off of it. Turn it right side out when you’re ready to wear it and its perfect every time.