Do I have to take special care of the ribbon?

The ribbon that we use is a double-sided satin polyester ribbon. You can throw it in the washer and dryer and wear it in the rain. It’s pretty abusable.

Will the ribbon get snagged?

The ribbon can catch on things and get snagged. Turn your hat inside out when you pack it in your purse or wash it and it’ll protect the ribbon and keep the purse lint off of it, helping it to look perfect every time you wear it.

Can I wash my hat?

Yes, just throw it in the washer and dryer, turning it inside out helps protect the ribbon. Some people put it in a delicates bag but it is not necessary. Wash cold, and dry low. Let it fluff in the dryer then let it air-dry the rest of the way because it dries so fast.

Will the polar fleece pill?

We use the best hi-tech pill-free polar fleece available. It washes up like a dream and stays soft wash after wash.

I have a large head. Are there hats to fit me?

The polar fleece that we use has a tremendous stretch to it and will fit a large range of head sizes comfortably. All our hats are one size but they are not all the same size. Here are a few of the styles that fit very large heads nicely: Beth, Melinda, Shannon, Leanne, Lily, Carolena. You can use the Filter button on the upper left of the hat page to show you some of the larger fitting hats.

I have a small head. Do you have hats to fit me?

All our hats are one size but they are not all the same size. The polar fleece that we use has an easy stretch to it as well as being able to bounce back. This means that the hat can start smaller and go bigger if needed. Here are some hats that fit smaller heads nicely: Peri, Penelope, Annette, Janet, Alison, Hayley, Robin.

Are the hats good in the rain?

The polar fleece has hydrophobic properties, keeping you warm even when it’s wet. For hats, it keeps you warm and dry even in a downpour. For mittens, it pulls the moisture away from your hands with that direct skin contact that keeps you warm instantly. In scarves you have that skin contact around your neck keeping the chill off as well as warming the air as you breath into it. It also wicks the water away from your skin keeping you warm even when it’s wet.

What can I do about the static electricity in my hair?

With fine hair, sometimes static electricity builds up. Moisture is the antidote for this. I cup my hands, breathe through my mouth into my hands and build up a little moisture on my hands then run it over my hair. I use this trick in my booth with fine haired girls and it works like magic. Give it a try.

What can I do about pet hair?

Pet hair tends to love fleece. It has a lot to do with static electricity that gives it that special clinging power. When you wash your fleece, between the washer and the dryer, give it a good shake, the dampness of the fabric negates the static charge and a lot more of the hair will fall off. This (and not letting it hit the floor) is the best advice that I can give.

Are they good for travel?

Ideal for travel, they are light, stylish and prepare you for the rain and the cold. Take them on that boat trip to Alaska or wear them for sleeping in a cold hotel room. Travel happy!

How warm are the mittens?

The mittens have gloves inside and that double layer does a good job in making them extra warm. The direct skin contact with the fleece warms your hands instantly. They can be freezing cold themselves and still warm you up immediately. The polar fleece is a hydrophobic fabric and pulls the moisture away from your skin, keeping you warm even when it’s wet. My happiest customers are those with circulation issues, I have worn them downhill skiing and my daughter has worn them bike riding in Minneapolis in the winter. They are road tested and Raynaud’s approved.