Vercelli - Limited Series

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The Vercelli hat is a classic shape with 5 large stiched satin hearts around the crown. This is a nice tuck-it-in-you-pocket hat that looks good on medium to small heads.

  • Comfortable fit. Our fleece has lots of stretch
  • Earflaps for extra warmth
  • Microfleece lining
  • Grips the head nicely in a wind
  • Good in the rain
  • Machine wash and dry

Turn your hat inside out when you pack it in your purse. It helps keep the purse lint off of it and protects the ribbon from getting snagged. Turn it right side out when you’re ready to wear it and it’s perfect every time. Don’t just save it for the coldest weather, it is the best rain hat. This hi-tech polar fleece wicks the water away from your skin, even in a downpour, and keeps you warm even when it’s wet. Perfect for those damp, wet, cold days.