Stitched Ribbon Cuff

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These Ribbon Cuff mittens are the antidote to cold hands in the winter. A double layer mitten with gloves inside keeps that direct skin contact with the fleece that warms you instantly. This hi-tech fleece has hydrophobic properties wicking the moisture away from your hands, keeping you toasty warm. These mitten/gloves just make you happy.

  • Mittens with gloves inside
  • Warms hands instantly
  • Washable ribbon
  • Moisture wicking
  • Machine wash and dry

The freezing steering wheel always seems to catch me unawares and sets that cold into my fingers. The gloves inside the mitten give you a better sense of control and the double layer insulates that cold steering wheel perfectly. Leave a pair in the car and even on the most fridgid days, your hands will be warm instantly. This quick warmth also works well for walking the dog, I've even worn them downhill skiing. The ribbon on these mittens are polyester as well as the fabric and can be thrown in the washer and dryer. Practically perfect in every way.