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The Fiona hat is a soft polar fleece beret with a stylish flower in front. The double-layered band covers the ears nicely. It folds gently to the back and is a good look for an older girl. Ponytails even fit easily in the back of the hat without changing its shape.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Warms instantly
  • Two layer ear coverage
  • Keeps you dry when wet
  • Machine wash and dry

Our polar fleece is soft and luxurious with lots of stretch that fit while kids grow. They're comfortable and they warm you instantly as well as wicking water away from the skin keeping heads warm even when wet. The pill-free polar fleece washes up like a dream with years worth of trips to the washer and dryer and even hands down from kid to kid. Our styles have their own personalities -- have fun finding the one that suits your little one.