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Cuff Mittens   Strong Wear Ribbon Flower Cuff Mittens     
Cuff Mittens - $64   Ribbon Flower Mittens $64    

Flower Scarf   Double X Scarf   Thin Scarf    
Flower Scarf - $68   Double X Scarf - $52   Thin Scarf - $24    

Polar fleece works best in mittens and scarves, the direct skin contact warms you instantly. The scarves are comfortable to breath into when it is very cold as they wick the water away from your skin and keep you warm even when wet. Our double-layered mittens come in two varieties, our Folk Mittens (the Rose, the Monkey, and the Ribbon mittens) with a soft micro fleece lining and our Cuff Mittens that have fleece gloves inside the mitten. Both keep you amazingly warm and all are washable.


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