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Click on each hat style to find out more about it
Elizabeth - $92   Melinda - $68   Carolena - $78   Hayley - $62   Allison - $74
Charlotte - $84   Jade - $82   Rita - $72   Ruby - $72   Leanne - $60
Pam - $64   Penelope - $64   Beth - $62  

Janet - $62

  Shannon - $60
Peri - $64   Lily - $62   Helena - $72   Libby - $60   Annette - $60

The polar fleece that I use is the best quality fleece that you can buy. It is soft and luxurious with lots of stretch so that it is easy on your hair and fits a wide range of head sizes. Any of the hats that don’t cover the ears nicely has earflaps for coverage giving you a back up plan for the cold.

All the hats are one size with something for every head size. The ribbon on the hats are all double sided satin made of polyester and come out of the washer and dryer looking great. They are even good in the rain, wicking water away from your skin and keeping you warm even when wet. Each style has it’s own personality click on the hats to find out more about each one.


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