Strong Wear Melinda Hat
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Melinda Hat - $68

Strong Wear Melinda Hat
Strong Wear Black Melinda hat

Strong Wear Sable Melinda Hat

Strong Wear Plum Melind Hat

Strong Wear Burgundy Melinda hat

Strong Wear Red Melinda Hat
The Melinda hat is a soft wide brimmed polar fleece hat with two hand formed flowers in the front. It is more of a romantic look, as well as a very versatile hat with lots of different ways to wear it. I like it best with the two flowers a bit asymmetrical (more often off to the right) or you can wear the flowers down by the ear giving more of a dramatic sweep to it. I have even seen it worn with the flowers in the back and it provides more of a deep brim in the front to keep the snow and rain off your glasses. This is one of my most popular hats that looks good on most everybody.

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