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Long Hat - $38

Long Hat
Yellow/Red Lizard Print Long Hat
Yellow/Red Lizard Print with Black
  • Large (7 - 14 yrs)

Blue/Green Gecko Print with Navy Long Hat
Blue/Green Gecko Print with Navy
  • Large (7 - 14 yrs)

Light Blue with Denim Blue Long Hat
Rust Print
  • Large (7 - 14 yrs)

Pink with Light Pink Long Hat
Leaf Print
  • Large (7 - 14 yrs)
The Long Hat is a very long stocking hat with a star in front and a tassel on the end. This hat is long enough to wrap around your neck and use as a scarf. The shape of the brim comes down to cover the ears with enough warmth to let the thick ties hang down. It’s a wild hat that comes in colors for both boys and girls. I use lots of wild prints for this hat as well as a few solids. Feel free to give us a call for current prints.
Price: $38

To order call 773.927.3880 or e-mail us at

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