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Strong Wear for Kids 0-7 GIRL'S HATS Teen hats
Click on each style to find out more about it
Hannah Hat - $34   Mariah Hat- $34   Melissa Hat - $34   Olivia Hat - $32
Jules Hat   Strong Wear Coleman Hat    
Jules Hat - $34   Coleman Hat - $32   Jester Hat - $34   Long Hat - $38

The Coleman hat is a close fitting skater boy hat, warm and small enough to tuck in your pocket. The Jules is a classic shape or try a walk on the wild side with the Jester and Long Hat. For girls the Polar Flower or the Mariah have bigger brims and have more of a romantic look and Hannah’s the hip new one of the bunch. The Fiona is a bigger beret with space in the back of the hat to fit ponytails without changing the shape of the hat.
All of our hat shapes have a lot of stretch to them so that they fit for a long time. They are easy to care for just machine wash and dry and they’ll always look great.


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