Strong Wear for Teens (7-14yrs)
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Strong Wear for Kids 0-7 GIRL'S HATS

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polar fleece hats, polar fleece coats and polar fleece mittens for teens 7-14   I am lucky to have a wonderful group of teens and preteens in my life. Being around my nieces and nephews, as well as my own kids, helps me to understand kids better at this age. Their head size is one size under an adult but the styling and color are very different. Their color palette changes, blues and greens are more appealing as well as off beat prints and color combinations with the styling being either more sophisticated or a bit wacky. We have cool styles, great colors and soft durable fabric, something to cram in their pockets, pull out and look great. It even keeps them dry in the rain or with a wet head after sports. These hats keep them warm, dry and looking good.

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