Strong Wear Mittens and Scarves for Kids
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Thumbs Mittens   Dino Mitttens   Monser Mittens
Thumbs Mittens - $18   Kids Mittens - $18   Monster Mittens - $20
Flora Scarf   Sailboat Scarf
Flora Scarf - $20   Sailboat Scarf - $20

Polar fleece works best in mittens and scarves. The scarves keep little necks warm in the winter. They work well to breath into when it is really cold because the fabric wicks the water away from your skin and keeps you warm even when wet, making it comfortable in the wintertime.
The direct skin contact with the polar fleece warms both the neck and chilly fingers instantly. The mittens are soft and bend easily with small hand, with longer cuffs to keep the wrists warm. The Thumbs fit sizes from 1 – 4 years and the Dino Mitts are for kids 4 – 7 years old.


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