Strong Wear Hats for Kids (0-7 rys)
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Click on each hat style to find out more about it
Flora Hat   Rose Hat   Jayne Hat   Fiona Hat
Flora Hat - $30   Rose Hat - $32   Jayne Hat - $32   Fiona Hat - $32
Melissa Hat   Mariah Hat   David Hat   Jughead Hat
Melissa Hat - $32   Mariah Hat - $32   David Hat - $30   Jughead Hat - $32
Eli Hat     Kris Hat   Jules Hat
Eli Hat - $30   Polar Dino Hat - $32   Kris Hat - $32   Jules Hat - $30

Girls are sweet, funny and inventive and I have hats for each one. The Rose and the Flora are perfect for the sweet little ones. The Jayne hat is a good earflapped hat for a bit older girl. Eli and the Kris are more whimsical and both cover the ears nicely. The older girls love the wide-brimmed Polar Flower, the Mariah and our beret, the Fiona. If you’re looking for a hat to match the Leah coat, the Flora and the Fiona both come in fabrics that match the coats.

Boys are wonderful and fun to design for. Playful, active and imaginative they present their own set of challenges. For the younger in the group look towards the Polar Jughead, David and the Eli, for the middle fun loving group the Polar Dinosaur and the Kris would be right up their alley. The older kids seem to prefer the Jules, the Coleman, and the wacky Jester hat, they are simple and cool.

Sizes: S (6 - 24m), M (2 - 7yrs)


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