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Reversible Coats
  Spring/Fall Coats
Strong Wear Leah Coat   Strong Wear Liam Coat   Strong Wear Erik Coat   Strong Wear Lollie Coat
Leah Coat $88 - $96   Liam Coat - $88   Erik Coat - $88   Lollie Coat - $76 - $84

Our coats have been very popular. They are soft, warm and washable. I design them with a roll on the cuff so that you can buy them a size up, put a deeper roll on the cuff then roll the sleeves down as they grow. As kids grow it seems to be mostly arms and legs. I believe that if you buy a nice coat it should fit for as long as possible. Most kids get 2-3 years out of our coats and they even hold up well for the next kid.

The reversible coats are the Leah, Erik and Liam. Both moms and kids love having two coats in one. For girls the Lollie coat is a lighter weight coat good for over dresses and perfect for twirling with lollipop pockets on the front. Look for matching hats and mittens to complete the look.


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