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Strong Wear for Babies GIRL'S HATS Strong Wear Hats, Jackest, Booties & Mittens
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XS Flora Pink/Light Pink Hat   Strong Wear David Hat    
Flora Hat - $30   David Hat - $30   Rose Hat - $32   Eli Hat - $30
    Strong Wear Polar Booties  
Rachel Jacket - $62   Finn Jacket - $62   Polar Booties - $14   Thumbless
Mittens - $14
When babies are tiny extra ear coverage is always a good idea. I have chosen some of our best selling earflapped hats for our baby line. You can’t go wrong with this line up. Pair them with little thumbless mittens and booties or make them a totally Strong Kid with a soft polar fleece coat to match. Moms will love the endurance and stretch of this fabric as it holds up in wash after wash. It’s always nice to have your gift backed by quality fabric and workmanship.

To order call 773.927.3880 or e-mail us at talk@strongwear.com

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