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Strong Wear for Babies GIRL'S HATS
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pre-washed 100% cotton baby kits - pre-washed 100% cotton baby hat, pre-washed 100% cotton baby blanket and pre-washed 100% cotton baby booties   The softness of this fabric and how well it holds up wash after wash makes it a clear favorite for moms as well as babies. The polar fleece that I use has the most stretch of any that I have seen, making it fit for a long time which is great for babies in this period of rapid growth.

The sizing for the hats and jacket are for a kid around 3 – 9 months and the booties and thumbless mittens fit for 0 – 18 months. They make great gifts; any kid can be a Strong Kid.

To order call 773.927.3880 or e-mail us at talk@strongwear.com

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